Custom Themes

Personalize Your Babel UI Experience

With Custom Themes, you can tailor the visual elements to match your preferences and create a workspace that reflects your unique style.

Custom Themes in Babel UI empower you to choose from a range of color schemes, icons, and other options. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalistic design or a vibrant and dynamic interface, the choice is yours. The intuitive customization options make it easy to transform Babel UI into a visually stunning environment that suits your taste.

To get started, navigate to the Tools, Change Theme menu in Babel UI. From there, you can explore a collection of pre-built themes or create your own custom theme from scratch. Customize the color palette to align with your personal preferences. To customize a theme palette from the previous menu, choose "Select Theme Colors". With the real-time preview, you can instantly see how each modification affects the overall appearance of the UI.

Once you have chosen your desired theme palette in Babel UI, you have the option to save your custom theme as a zip archive. This zip archive contains all the necessary files and resources to recreate your custom theme on any Babel UI instance.

To save the newly created theme in Babel UI, follow these simple steps. First, navigate to the "Change Theme" menu located within the UI Tools. From the menu, select the option "Save Current Theme." This will prompt the system to save the current theme as a ZIP archive file.

Once the ZIP archive file is saved, you can proceed to copy it into the designated Themes directory within the Babel installation. The Themes directory serves as the repository for all custom themes in Babel. After copying the ZIP archive, it is important to restart the Babel UI application for the changes to take effect.

The zip archive not only includes the XML theme options that define the color scheme for various elements like menu, font styles, and chart settings, but it also contains SVG image icons that are used throughout the UI. This means that you have the flexibility to further customize your theme by modifying the XML theme options or by substituting the SVG image icons with your own customized icons.

By allowing you to save your custom theme as a zip archive, Babel UI enables easy sharing and portability of themes. You can share your custom themes with colleagues or transfer them to different environments seamlessly just by copying the zip file inside the application Themes folder. Additionally, the ability to modify the XML theme options and SVG icons within the zip archive provides a convenient way to refine and fine-tune your theme even after it has been saved.

By creating a workspace that resonates with your style, you can create a more enjoyable and immersive obfuscation experience. Unleash your creativity and transform your Babel UI environment into a visually captivating workspace that inspires you. Discover the power of Custom Themes and make your obfuscation journey truly yours.

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