MSBuild Task

Babel Obfuscator can be easily integrated with MSBuild to deploy obfuscation in your build process.

The Babel MSBuild task is available with any Babel Obfuscator license edition, and can be added to any MSBuild project by inserting the appropriate UsingTask element into the MSBuild project XML file:

<UsingTask TaskName="Babel" AssemblyName="Babel.Build, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=138d17b5bd621ab7" />

The AssemblyName attribute refers to the fully qualified name of the .NET component Babel.Build.dll installed into the Global Assembly Cache.

The AssemblyName Version property should be set to the currently installed product version. For example, if you have installed version x.y.z.w:


The revision number w should always be set to 0.

In case you do not want to use the fully qualified assembly name, it is possible to reference the Babel.Build.dll component using the full path as follows:

<UsingTask TaskName="Babel" AssemblyFile="<Full path to Babel.Build.dll>" />

Once the assembly Babel.Build has been referenced, it is now possible to use the Babel task to start Babel Obfuscator on a given target assembly:

<Target Name="AfterBuild">
  <Babel InputFile="$(TargetPath)" OutputFile="$(TargetPath)" />

The Babel task defined above will be executed after the build to obfuscate the target assembly, replacing it with the obfuscated one processed by Babel.

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