Customizing Intellisense

The MSBuild Babel task attributes are defined in the schema file Babel.Build.xsd which is located in the Babel MSBuild installation folder. To ensure seamless integration with Visual Studio Intellisense, it is necessary to copy Babel.Build.xsd file into one of the following Visual Studio installation folders:

VS 2019

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\<<edition>>\Xml\Schemas\1033

VS 2022

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\<<edition>>\Xml\Schemas\1033

Where <<edition>> is one of the available Visual Studio editions: Professional, Enterprise. Please refer to VS installation guide to know more.

The Babel Build XSD definition can be imported into Microsoft.Build.xsd file by including the following lines in the XML code:

<!-- Import of the Common Schema -->
<xs:include schemaLocation="MSBuild\Microsoft.Build.CommonTypes.xsd"/>
<!-- Import of the Babel Build XSD definition -->
<xs:include schemaLocation="Babel.Build.xsd"/>

This makes writing and maintaining build scripts that use the Babel task easier, as the developer will have access to the definitions and usage information directly within the code editor.

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