User Interface

The Babel Obfuscator UI is available on Windows. The UI will allow you to easily set up obfuscation projects that can be reused in your build scenario.

Babel Obfuscator comes with a Windows MSI installer which installs the Babel Obfuscator User Interface (Babel UI) for .NET Framework 4.8 on your computer, providing a convenient and efficient way to access and utilise the obfuscation tool for your projects. The Babel UI is compatible with any Windows operating system with either .NET Framework 4.8 or .NET 7.0 installed. A version of the Babel UI specifically designed for .NET 7.0 is also available as a ZIP package for those with a Company license.


  • Any Windows OS with .NET Framework 4.8 or .NET 7 if you have one of the Babel Licensing software editions.

Once Babel Obfuscator has been installed, you can launch the Babel User Interface from the Windows Start menu by searching for "Babel".

Main View

Once the Babel User Interface is launched, a main window will be displayed that features a navigation panel on the left and a main section showcasing the view for the currently selected option. The navigation panel is divided into two sections, with functional groups, such as Obfuscation, Licensing, Data, and Tools, located at the bottom and options related to the selected functional group item positioned at the top.

Babel UI Options

To show the Options panel in the Babel User Interface, you can click on the "Options" menu item located under the main Tools menu. When you click on it, the Options window will be shown. From here, you can configure various settings related to the user interface under the Environment tree node.

With a Company license for Babel Obfuscator, you have access to a variety of features through the "Licensing" node in the Babel Obfuscator user interface. Please refer to the Babel Licensing manual to learn more.

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