A collection of practical use cases and examples that will guide you in straightforwardly integrating Babel Obfuscator into your projects

General Samples

The examples provided in this section cover various use cases and are not restricted to specific license editions. They can be used by all users regardless of which edition of Babel Obfuscator they have purchased.

Code Encryption

In this section, the examples presented are focused on demonstrating the code encryption feature of Babel Obfuscator.

Cross Assembly Renaming

The following examples demonstrate how to set up and configure cross-assembly renaming with Babel Obfuscator during the build process.

Build Servers (Ultimate License)

The examples in this section illustrate the process of integrating Babel Obfuscator into Continuous Integration (CI) build systems. They are intended to help users better understand how to automate the obfuscation process on a CI/CD pipeline. It is important to note that the following examples require the Babel Obfuscator NuGet packages, which are available only with a site license (Ultimate, Server and Data Center editions).

Babel Obfuscator NuGet (Ultimate License)

These samples specifically target the Babel Obfuscator integration using the Babel Obfuscator NuGet package. For the following projects using Babel Obfuscator NuGet packages, an Ultimate license is necessary.

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